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Dine With Them: 5 Sydney restaurants reopened for dine-in (2nd edition) - The AU Review

The sound of creaking hinges echoes around Sydney as restaurants reopen their doors to brunch starved patrons looking for a quality foodie experience once again. With new menus, weekday specials, live performances and scrumptious food, your grand debut back into society will have been worth the wait. This should be obvious but if you do make a booking at these places (or any, for that matter) you should show up or cancel as far in advance as possible.

10 of the Best Immersive Online Experiences to be enjoyed from home - The AU Review

With international travel off the cards for the moment, virtual exploration has grown in popularity. From museums, galleries, and immersive documentaries, the world is full of wonders even if viewed on the screens of our electronic devices. So please sit back, relax and be inspired by art, institutions and our incredible planet. Let’s start in our backyard and head to The Kimberly for a look into the great unknown.

Top 10 at-home workouts for that post-iso body - The AU Review

After months of binge-watching Peaky Blinders and only wearing pants with elasticised waists or let’s be honest, no pants at all. I knew it was time to start salvaging my beach bod. After all, how could I expect Cillian Murphy to run away with me when I’m sat on the couch eating dry noodles and hysterically laughing at Tiger King memes. So I put together some fun at-home workout ideas and used my activewear for its intended purpose.

Theatre Review: Billy Elliot The Musical taps its way into Melbourne - The AU Review

Billy Elliot was a hard-hitting film that intertwined the beauty of dance with sentiments of toxic masculinity, as well as giving us an intense glimpse into the class struggles working-class England faced in the early 1980s. Not your obvious choice of musical magic; however, Elton John was so moved after seeing the film at Cannes that he had the grandiose idea of bringing it to the stage.

Theatre Review: Your favourite big green ogre takes to the stage in Shrek The Musical - The AU Review

Calling all magical fairytale creatures, pack your bags, vacate the swamp, and fly on down to Her Majesty’s Theatre to see everyone’s favourite green ogre belting out a tune in Shrek The Musical! When I first heard that they were turning Shrek, arguably one of the greatest animated cartoon’s of all time into a musical, I was shook (as the young kids would say). How could they possibly recreate the comic genius that was the original?!

The Bali Spirit Festival - a seven day eclectic experience - The AU Review

Every year in March thousands of spiritually enlightened individuals flock to Ubud for the Bali Spirit Festival. This 7 day event promises everything from yoga, ecstatic dance, workshops, meditation, sound healing and so much more. I was beyond excited to be taking part in such a special event, so with yoga mat in hand I boarded a plane to Mother Bali. The Spirit Fest began in 2008, and has continued to gain popularity, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Theatre Review: Evita - Arts Centre Melbourne (Performances to 23rd February) - The AU Review

The opening night of Evita was met with praise and applause as Tina Arena took to the stage in her starring role as Eva Perón. Adapting her wonderful pop vocals to such an iconic role would of been a challenge for the most seasoned performer, however Arena carried herself with poise and grace and pulled off the performance of a lifetime. With a stellar cast to match, accompanied with music by Andrew Loyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, expectations were high. As the curtain rose we were met by a

Theatre Review: The Extravaganza that is Aladdin: The Musical is here in Melbourne (performances until October 22nd) - The AU Review

Our tale of love, magic, and adventure takes place in the fabled city of Agrabah where unusual friendships are formed, heroes outwit villains, and true love conquers all. Whilst most of the world knows the story of Aladdin, nothing quite prepares you for the absolute extravaganza that is Aladdin: The Musical. When it comes to a thing of extreme beauty, it’s sometimes hard to put into words the exact description of something so remarkably marvellous. Like a kid in a candy store, I was so enthral

Accommodation Review: A weekend on the slopes at QT Falls Creek Resort (Victoria, Australia) –

While driving up the majestic Mt Bogong en route to Falls Creek low lying clouds began to decorate my view, splashes of green turn to white. The road twisted and turned past luscious bush and small torrents of water sprinkle down facades, hinting at the recent arrival of Spring. As I took in the immense beauty around me it instantly became apparent that I was getting closer to my destination: QT Falls Creek Resort, a designer alpine property which was voted Australia’s Best Ski Resort three years in a row.

Review: The Atura Hotel (Albury, Victoria) is the perfect stopover in a welcoming town - The AU Review

Situated in Albury’s central business district, the Atura Hotel is the perfect stopover for those not only travelling for business, but also for those that simply want a unique stay in a culturally diverse and welcoming town. Upon entering the foyer the staff welcome us with warm enthusiasm as we take in the unusual decor. The hotel itself is visually intoxicating with vivid patterns adorning rugs and walls, and an array of quirky pieces splashed throughout.

Progressive Dinner at The Alfred: Fratelli Fresh & The Cut have arrived in Melbourne - The AU Review

Having recently been voted most liveable city in the world for the sixth year in a row, it’s no wonder Melbourne is constantly opening new culinary experiences for us to sink our teeth into. One of the latest examples: a dual offering from two new sister restaurants who have made their way from Sydney to Melbourne after considerable popularity in the harbour city, setting up in Melbourne’s new multi-level dining precinct. What better way to test them out than a progressive dinner?

My Big Fat Greek Lunch: Dining with George Calombaris at The Press Club (Melbourne) - The AU Review

As torrential rain fell heavily on the streets of Melbourne, and people sought cover from the wild weather, the inviting warmth and vibrancy of The Press Club was a very welcome sight. In celebration of the DVD launch of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 I was invited to enjoy a Greek style menu prepared by owner George Calombaris. I stepped into the beautifully designed space, which was rather reminiscent of the inside of a beehive with circular patterns adorning the roof swathed in gold.

Amaro Montenegro relaunches in Australia with stylish soiree at Melbourne's Fall From Grace - The AU Review

Melbourne is one of those brilliant cities where you can literally get lost for hours down little alleyways, and with the right knowledge can find yourself in one of many hidden bars. Fall From Grace is one of those said hidden bars, accessible only by pulling out a book in a secret bookshelf and thus causing a fake wall to slide open revealing a stairway down into a world unknown.

Theatre Review: The Sound of Music - Regent Theatre (performances until July 30) - The AU Review

Melbourne was alive with The Sound of Music on Thursday night as the who’s who of the social elite came out for the opening night. With the thought of Julie Andrews prancing through hills conjuring up beautiful memories in my mind, I sat down delighted to see this long-running show. It was a packed house, with not an empty seat in sight, and as the opening number began and Amy Lehpamer showcased her beautiful vocal range as Maria, it really was quite the emotional spectacle.

First Impressions: Saké Flinders Lane - CBD (Melbourne) - The AU Review

As someone who absolutely loves their Japanese cuisine, I was overjoyed to be invited to a private dinner at Saké’s new Flinders Lane location nestled in one of Melbourne’s most iconic gastronomical strips. Three-star Michelin chef Jean Paul Lourdes would be showcasing some of his mouth watering signature dishes, accompanied by an array of impressive Japanese style drinks. I’d heard the brand new venue was quite impressive, so I was excited to arrive at what would no doubt be Melbourne’s latest

New smartphone app Skip makes the case for cashless transactions at over 600 Australian cafes - The AU Review

To put it simply: Australians are obsessed with their morning cup of coffee – and why wouldn’t they be with some of the best coffee in the world available down those many hidden alleyways in every city across the country. People are constantly looking for ways to navigate this rich coffee culture more efficiently and seamlessly, and the wonder of technology is pushing that desire along at a rapid pace.
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