Katelyn Rew

Melbourne based award-winning photographer, freelance writer, copywriter and editor

Theatre Review: Your favourite big green ogre takes to the stage in Shrek The Musical - The AU Review

Calling all magical fairytale creatures, pack your bags, vacate the swamp, and fly on down to Her Majesty’s Theatre to see everyone’s favourite green ogre belting out a tune in Shrek The Musical! When I first heard that they were turning Shrek, arguably one of the greatest animated cartoon’s of all time into a musical, I was shook (as the young kids would say). How could they possibly recreate the comic genius that was the original?!

The Bali Spirit Festival - a seven day eclectic experience - The AU Review

Every year in March thousands of spiritually enlightened individuals flock to Ubud for the Bali Spirit Festival. This 7 day event promises everything from yoga, ecstatic dance, workshops, meditation, sound healing and so much more. I was beyond excited to be taking part in such a special event, so with yoga mat in hand I boarded a plane to Mother Bali. The Spirit Fest began in 2008, and has continued to gain popularity, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Accommodation Review: A weekend on the slopes at QT Falls Creek Resort (Victoria, Australia) –

While driving up the majestic Mt Bogong en route to Falls Creek low lying clouds began to decorate my view, splashes of green turn to white. The road twisted and turned past luscious bush and small torrents of water sprinkle down facades, hinting at the recent arrival of Spring. As I took in the immense beauty around me it instantly became apparent that I was getting closer to my destination: QT Falls Creek Resort, a designer alpine property which was voted Australia’s Best Ski Resort three years in a row.